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Full Session Run-Through - $175.00

This 2 hour class is a great way to learn how I run my sessions from start to finish! We will begin with shooting a session, bring the images into Lightroom for editing and then take it all the way to a Facebook preview at the end. We will discuss how to set a good workflow to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes for every session you do! For an additional $25.00, we can spend some time working on a blog post to showcase a selection of 20-30 images from the shoot! (Requirements for this class are the following: your own working DSLR camera to shoot with, a hard drive to save your work on, as well as a business page on Facebook to upload a preview on.)

Lightroom 101/Photoshop 101 - $75.00

In this hour long class, we will work through one of your own session in Lightroom or Photoshop from start to finish. I will teach you how to create catalogs, organize your workflow, import and export, along with many editing techniques to help you create amazing images! You can bring your own laptop with Lightroom on it, or use my computer in the studio to test your skills.  (You are required to bring your own portable hard drive to save your work to, as well as a session you have shot to work on.)

Client Relations - $75.00

Interacting with clients is by far one of the most difficult parts of running a business. You want to stay firm and confident, but you also need that balance to make them feel comfortable around you. With year of customer service and client interactions, I believe my client relations are my strongest point. In this hour long class, we will work on your emailing technique, responses to all types of clients, social media presences and more. This class can take place anywhere you'd like, from my studio to your home or the coffee shop down the street! (Requirements for this class are simple, just have some examples of your responses to clients in the past so we have a starting point!)

The Basics of Posing - $75.00

In this hour long class, you and I will work with a model to learn the basics of posing! It will be your choice of one person, a couple or a group of 3-5 people. We will start with the basic rules of how to pose people in flattering ways, how to use the surrounding environments to our advantage, along with many other skills required to take a wonderful photograph of your clients! Please feel free to bring along some pose ideas that you'd like to try and work with, and make sure to ask tons of questions! (You are required to bring your own working DSLR camera, along with any props you'd like to use for the session. We will not be using any otherwise.)

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