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Collect moments, not things.

Authentic. Organic. Inspired.

Hey there! Welcome to my bio section. I guess you're here to learn a little bit about me and what I do. Well, here it goes!

Things I love!

Buffalo chicken in all its glorious forms

Tacos... who doesn't!?

The ocean

Harley rides with my guy

Craft beers and brewery tours

Knitting (because thats cool now, right?)

Wearing work-out clothes as normal attire

But most importantly...

Creating amazing memories for my clients.

Okay, okay. That last one was a little heavy on the cheese, but it doesn't make it any less true! I love my clients. Seriously, you guys are all incredible.

I've had so many amazing experiences over the last 8 years in business. With all those opportunities, I have been able to perfectly craft my talents to work for me and the type of clients I want to work with. I'm fun-loving, adventurous, and a lover of all things outdoors. That is reflected in the type of clients that are drawn to me. You won't see much work on this site that is done indoors. I want to get outside, get a little lost, and make some memories with my clients that they wouldn't get anywhere else. If you can get down with that then I think we will get along just fine!

I could honestly go on forever about how much I love what I do and blah blah blah, but I think you get the point. So lets just wrap it up with this. I'm an honest, down-to-earth chick who can rock any type of session you might bring my way. From the basics like weddings and engagements, to the wild and crazy ideas bouncing around in your head... Bring it on. I'm ready for ya!


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